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The management of accounts receivable is a comprehensive, complex, and difficult process, but collecting on debts owed is the right of every creditor, and to allow them to be written off as bad debt is a bumpy road that leads to a loss of profit, and potentially severe damage to a business’ financial solvency. When debtors happen to be in distant countries, speak different languages, and use a different currency, this already difficult situation becomes even more difficult to tackle.

We deeply understand the difficulty that creditors have always faced when trying to find a qualified, capable, and efficient collection expert to help them collect on receivables in locations other than their own, and that’s the reason why we've created this platform. Now, with Debt Collection Advisor, there’s a better way.

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Our platform hosts a globe-spanning array of international debt collection experts, who are eager and capable to provide you with the advice and professional assistance that you need to collect on your receivables. The DCA platform connects you straight to an expert with the appropriate qualifications, experience, and location of operations, to help you collect on your receivables. Utilizing DCA’s platform, you can communicate directly with an expert who is happy to provide invaluable advice and professional assistance.

The process of using our platform is simple, quick, and efficient. On the DCA homepage, simply narrow down the selection of experts based on geographical location, then further narrow it down based on collection speciality. Lastly, choose an expert (or several) who fits the criteria you’ve selected and look through their platform rating, self-introduction, articles, activity feed, success stories, and other information they’ve posted to judge whether or not you’d like to contact this expert. Once you’ve chosen an expert you’d like to contact, simply click “Contact Me” to activate communication with them. When the expert receives your communication, he’ll get back to you and your debt collection worries will be well on the way to a swift and successful resolution.

DCA Team

Led by experts who have in-depth knowledge as well as rich experience in the collection industry, the DCA team consists of over 30 team members who specialize in finance, economics, marketing and technology, etc.

With expertise in many different fields as well as an overseas educational background, DCA team members are able to work cross-culturally and provide all-around support for collection professionals and creditors all over the world. The DCA team is and will always be committed to making communication and cooperation between international experts and creditors more convenient, efficient, and straightforward.

Whenever and wherever you need any assistance, our team is always here for you!