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Limitation periods in Poland

2021/05/04 18:23 (GMT)

Debt recovery activity should be undertaken as rapidly as possible in order to increase the opportunity for recovery of amounts due, before the debtor suffers a loss of financial flow or the statute of limitation applies.

According to the Civil Code, unless other regulations provide otherwise, the limitation period is 3 years for claims related to running a business. Please note that there are numerous exceptions.

•The statute of limitations expires two years for claims relating to the seller's business;

•The limitation period of two years shall also apply to claims for compensation for activities performed ;

•In the case of contracts for the provision of services which are not governed by other legislation, the limitation period will also be two years;

•After a year the statute of limitations applies, for example, to claims under the contract of transport services.

On July 9th, 2018 the general limitation period in Poland was shortened from ten years to six years for claims confirmed by the final court judgement. Remember that in certain situations the limitation period may be interrupted ie: if the case is referred to the Court, if the debtor has acknowledged his obligations in writing.