Ayse Burcu Arslan

CountryTurkeyPositionFounder / Managing Director
Company NameARS Consultancy Turkey Debt Collection Agency
I believe in mediation. With a focused dedication, knowledge and hard work, most problems can be solved in an amicable way during prelegal process. With this vision, I established Turkey's 1st Debt Collection Agency in 2011 for international cases. ARS Consultancy is the leading debt collection company in Turkey. I also give debt collection trainings. http://tr.linkedin.com/in/ayseburcuarslan   
Debt Collection
It has been more than 1 year, after the pandemic and we all experienced digital transformation in international debt collection.
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Prioritizing Payments -Critical in Debt Collection
Although we acknowledge the trade as exporting or importing products, it means that a process that has not been collected has not been completed. The payment behavior of companies plays a critical role in the completion of the trading process.
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Payment Methods in Debt Collection in Turkey
Due to the rapidly changing market conditions, companies must constantly renew themselves and be more flexible. Companies should also consider the debt collection process in their sales policies. Although a company’s sales figures are high, it is not possible to talk about profitability if the receivables are not collected on time.
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Debt Collection Period in Turkey
Time is money! And we are not able to take the time back. That’s why, as an international debt collection agency in Turkey, we know its value very well both for us and for our clients. Nobody can create an extra time but we can save it. It is a clear fact that ‘sales’ is completed after the money is paid.
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Women and Debt Collection
Receivable management and debt collection is still a male-dominated area. The prejudices and stereotypes of being a woman in this field, creates a huge wall that prevents having a broader understanding of doing an effective business. That’s why today in this article, I wanted to highlight how to get over these prejudices by giving examples from my experiences in the debt collection industry.