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Critical thinking - 1st part

2021/06/11 18:36 (GMT)

The volume of information we count every daily life can prevent to take decisions in a short time. 

The most performing teams use the "critical thinking" , objective and rational analysis to take the wisest decisions.

Working for objectives  and rational analysis require an attentive evaluation of the data; it is to have critical and strategic thinking; recognize cognitive bias, minimizing bad judgements.

There are five points that can kill almost literally, critical thinking :

1) Over reliance on authority 

2) Black and white thinking

3) Hasty moral judgements

4) Labels

5) Resistance to change

Let's see some of the above topics in this first part of my article.


We can assist such situation where the boss seems to be  the source of beliefs and knowledges.

There is not any possibility for a critical thinking to survive where we can't question the boss.

We all are legitimate sources to exchange opinions, ideas. As a Team leader my job is to follow the "policy" to have a critical thinking  empowering the teams , listening to their positions, accepting the diversity of knowledge because each one of us has the right experience , preparation that lead to a performing group, to the expected results.

to be continued .......