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Critical thinking - 3rd part

2021/06/23 21:42 (GMT)

We define " hastly moral judgements" when we quickly evaluate someone or something as good or bad.

To have moral beliefs is right. We are human kind, we are made of emotions, experiences ; each one of us has his or her own background.

What is wrong is to relegate , emarginate people , the capacity , the intelligence , the skills to hastly judgements.

Have you ever had the sensation that your project has been blocked for bias ? you have studied the case assigned; you have planned the best actions to achieve the expected results but someone else gives to the others a bad impression of you and your work ?

How to avoid such kind of situation ?

I have always believed in communication.

It doesn't matter if I have to communicate with the CEO or one of my colleague.

It is real important to avoid the sensation of frustration , anxiety or fear because of another human kind.

I think that there is always a reason.

It is better to speak and discover the reality of the things rather than to suffer each working day.

Everyone deserves consideration, listening a positive approach from all the people of the staff, overall if we have to face a project of a certain importance for our company and for our clients.

About "labels".

Labels sometimes represents a stumbling-block. 

Labels can kill critical thinkings.

I want to explain with a simple example what I am intending with the above strong declaration.

There was a man looking for a job. This guy was from Pakistan. He was living in USA.

One day after an application he was invited for a working interview at the company that was looking for a project manager.

As soon as this man tried to introduce his Curricula , the manager involved with the interviews, stopped him and told him that the only work he could do was 

the janitor.

You are wondering why ? 

That manager had lot of bias and labels against people over all if immigrants.

The manager put on this guy's head an hat and said : " go to the bathroom the closet is blocked !"

The poor guy  went to the closet and made what ordered to do.

The days went by. It seemed a situation without a way out.  

You know, I believe in the law of KARMA and because of such belief, something special happened to this young and intelligent man.

He heard that the CEO was in need to receive from the managers a certain kind of project. 

The  " janitor " prepared an amazing project. He gave it to the Manager with the hope to obtain the dreamed work place.

The Manager tried to destroy the pages of the project but during the meeting planned for that week , in one way , the CEO found out in the trash can the 

project of the young guy.

He asked to the rancorous manager who wrote the project.  

He affirmed that was written by a "janitor".

You can  image the end of the story ?

The manager was fired and the janitor, the young man, took his work place.

At end we find "resistance to change".

How is a person with the resistance to change ?

This kind of subject is a person who react immediately and negatively to the others' ideas, beliefs.

To have a critical thinking is important to be able to change the mindset.

It is important to develop discipline, to think before speaking. Not becoming the enemy of people because they have different point of views and skills and capacity to have more than other a real critical thinking.

A little suggestion : during the meeting where maybe you are the manager and are expecting of a good project from your staff, first , close your eyes, take a long breath, try to put you in the others shoes. Image to be one of your employee, try to feel what he  or she is feeling , the tension , the fear of failure..Can you feel all this ? 

Everyday is a day where to exercise  himself / herself to increase the "critical thinking". 

Image this concept like one of your muscle.

Muscles are important for our body. 

If we treat well our body , we can get better for a better life.

Let 's treat people like we want the people treat us !