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Critical thinking - 2nd part

2021/06/23 20:54 (GMT)

As human , we have the tendency to place things and persons into categories. It sound like " you are with us or against us".

This way of doing ignores complexity and nuances. Let me say that this is not good to have a "critical thinking".

Black, white, hot, cold, good , evil the opposites don't necessarily disprove the others.

Both can be true, can be false.

Critical thinking respects all the variety. 

Variety is necessary in a process to become a decision maker.

Let's talk about hasty moral judgements. What are they?  They are all the quick evaluations of someone or something as this is good , this is bad.

How many times , because of such attitude we have decide to cut out a person , from a project, because we have had bias ?

Hastiness is a reaction from cultural conditions. 

how to avoid it ?

I think that a great job can be done on our selves to have more and sincere trust on people. Let the bias go away from our mind. Who knows who can have the same bias on us ?

Critical thinking is always a question of a mind posture. Regulate your spiritual posture and open your heart and mind. 

Relegate your moral judgements , thinking about your limits and weakness. Each one of us can change and reorganize our mindset.

To be continued...