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Flowers into the Deseret

2021/06/29 19:23 (GMT)

There was upon a time a real story of a great love between my mother and my father.My father was born in Sicilia. He learned to be a shoemaker by his father. As per a family tradition. He began very early. He was only 12 years old , on 1942.One day the family decided to move on and come to the North of Italy. Milan, one of the most beautiful, fashion city in the world.After many struggling moment , year after year , he met her future bride and my mother, Maria Donata. Ah sorry , I was forgetting to give my father's name. Antonino.Those days , during 70's, in Italy was very hard to be a man or a woman or an entire family coming to the North. The racism was very high. Some nicknames were used to define the people coming from the South. One thing helped my parents to face such period , their honesty, their humility, the way of working.One step back how my father met my mother ?She was shopping that day and my father working as shoemaker in a big store, historical one , known with the name of STANDA. As soon as my husband see my mother , he felt in love with her. He felt that girl was so genuine, unexperienced, real beautiful. She was looking for a sewing thread. My father helped her and at the end of that day, they decide to have a first date.After that , lot of things happened , not easy, at the beginning. It was so hard for this beautiful couple let my father's family accept my mother. They decide to escape and get married. Effectively a marriage of a son a daughter should be the most beautiful and emotional moment in all our lives. Sometimes happens that the things will not go like foreseen. Your problems seems to be like a "Deseret" surrounding you but it can happened unexpectedly that you find a beautiful oasi where to rest, beautiful flowers grown amongthe difficulties of the place where they are surviving.The marriage was celebrate in a secret place, after my parents had to escape from my father's family. My mother has only a brother in the same city. Not her mother or father. Her father was died long time before and her mother for the moment couldn't come to see her.They got married with four testimonies. They eat something at a little restaurant. This was their special party.The time can fix things. It is necessary to be patient and believe in you and work hard.We became a big family of six people. Two daughters and two sons. Daniela, this is me, Paola, Fabio and Massimo.I would love to share with you so many episodes in my life but what I want to leave with this story is that we are blessed to be born in our family, the difficulties of our young and adults life there teaches us about the RESILIENCE. The love of our parents gave to us the possibility to develop for ourselves considerations for the weakest and poorest on the heart, giving to us an heart full of compassion , charity.At the beginning when I was two years old , there was not anything when I was used to see from my balcony the ground down. With time in this "NOTHING" some flowers begun to grow up , like we were doing as a family.Grateful for all the blessings I received to be part of a family who taught me how to be a PROBLEM SOLVER once grown up.It is wonderful how many things we can have and this is the opportunity to learn only if we live the life , following the principles we have learned and still we are learning.Life is beautiful. It worth being lived.Let's make the difference in daily life, at work. It is simple : just remember who we really are and what we can do with our in resources.Good life to everybody! May life brings you problems that you can solve. May life leave you alone , once a while , just because you can feel , you are not alone..there is a special person always near you, supporting you...simply YOU.