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2021/07/05 21:10 (GMT)

we had a case with a big amount

we treated to contact first the debtor via e-mail , LEGAL PEC, and sent a telegram

after a couple of days we received some comments from the debtor's lawyer

we discovered during those days that you can not judge a book from the cover neither in this kind of work

sometimes we give as granted that the debtor is only a man/woman a company who doesn't want to pay, loose time, who want to kid you..

In this case we have discovered a world under the carpet !

A heavy situation, a claim because of misunderstanding between the creditor and debtor.

I always remember that we are not only collectors we are investigator, counselor as well...

Thanks to our empathic way to deal with debtors in general , as in this case, we have been able to avoid a legal cause , obtaining a plan of payment

easy for the debtor because his lack of liquidity of money and convenient for our Client referring to consistent payments.

It is better less and sure thank to fight for more without obtaining one Euro !