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International debt collection

2021/06/29 19:32 (GMT)

It can be a major annoyance: outstanding customer bills. If the companies are located in your own country, it is still easy to call in a collection agency from your own village or city, at least you know them.

What if a company from Germany, Switzerland or Austria doesn't want to pay its bills? We are happy to help you!

Not only do the local debt collection agencies speak the debtor's language, but they are also familiar with the applicable laws and regulations. We know from experience that a direct debit from a local agency reaches a company more quickly than an email from abroad. It immediately puts your company at the top of the list of creditors that your customer wants to pay off first. Because someone with payment problems often has several bills open that he cannot pay all at once, so he will have to make a selection. Creditors from abroad often do not have a priority to pay off quickly, so they are placed at the bottom of the list. But such a foreign company suddenly starts submitting its outstanding invoices through a local collection agency, you do become a priority because it is bad for the debtor's solvency and then is stops completely for him.

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By the way, prevention is better than a cure: We can help you with credit reports as well.