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Case of the month

2021/04/19 13:55 (GMT)

The initial situation:

The creditor is an internationally operating mechanical engineering company.

The claim amounts to almost €140,000 from a delivery of goods.

The debtor tries to delay the payment of the claim (alleged missing invoices, etc.).

Our individual approach:

1: Establishing a relationship of trust with the debtor (27 calls and 16 letters / mails).

2: Conclusion of an installment agreement including assignment of tax refund claims.

3: Constant coordination with the creditor (20 phone calls and emails) and agreement that a titling is neither in the interest of the creditor nor of the debtor.


Court costs were avoided for both the creditor and the debtor.

The realization took place within 4 months after the case was handed over.

The main claim was realized 100% (in 3 large installments).