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New business opportunities in Poland

2021/07/02 19:56 (GMT)


We would like you inform about new rules on supporting investments in Poland. It will be a long-time expectations revolution in supporting businesses in Poland. The Act on the Support of New Investment Projects introduce the concept of “extending economic zones to the whole territory of Poland” instead of 14 particular areas, which covered mere 25 thousand hectares of land defined by the legal acts.These regulations meets the expectations of business environment. Tax exemption will apply to entrepreneurs who consider carrying out investment activity by reinvesting or introducing fundamental changes to the production process. What does it mean in practice? Entrepreneurs will be excepted from income tax regardless of the location of their investments. These regulations allow investors to locate their investments in any place in Poland and apply for a tax exemption regardless of the place the investment is going to be established. In order to obtain such exemption, investors will have to meet quantity and quality criteria, which will be set out in the executive act. In principle, the exemptions range from 20% to 50% of the project costs (with the exception of the capital city, where it equals to 10%.) 

The decisions on the state aid for an investment are issued for the period of 10, 12 or 15 years, depending on, among others, the value of the state aid in a particular region. However, please note that the method of calculation of the tax credit remains unchanged, what clearly demonstrate a certainty of tax law in Poland.1The upcoming system appears to be a comprehensive legal solution to support selected investments in less developed regions. If you are planning a new investments in Poland, we encourage you to contact us to prepare a plan of conduct for obtaining an income tax exemption. We believe that our law office possess all the capabilities and is well-positioned to provide your clients with first-rate legal advice at each stage of their activities and therefore to the successful completion thereof.

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