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DO'S and DON'TS for doing business in Turkey

2021/05/03 18:57 (GMT)


Dear business owner,

If you have the intention of selling or buying goods from Turkey the following critical 5 easy steps will reduce your risk by tremendous margin:

1)Check if your client is a real company or not, you can do this easily by requesting their tax form or company incorporation documents
2)Check if your client has a signature authorization form, if he or she is a decision he or she could easily send you proof of this
3)If you intent on sending several shipments or goods make sure you have a contract, even a simple one could save you much hassle
4)If you are remitting a payment make sure that the beneficiary and the company name are the same, never agree on sending B2B transactions to individuals.
5)Credit reports ! Requesting a credit report about the company you want to work with is one of our most recommended tips, these reports costs between 100-200EUR but can save you a lot of money. The reports can be purchased from many suppliers one of which is the DCA platform.

Dont :
1) İssue your invoice to the client that will pay it, do the same on your Bill of Ladings
2) Avoid business with free email extensions if possible. 
3) Never send B2B transactions to banking details that don't match with the trading name
4)Check if the stamp on your invoice/proforma is an actual one or a digital one
5) If the client notifies you of banking change : call the client first verify and confirm twice by phone and mail

Kind regards,

İbrahim Genç