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How we managed to collect $ 120,000 creatively

2021/07/02 16:18 (GMT)

When we contacted the cyber company we found out that they have a large customer who did not pay them $ 150,000 and they have been chasing him for many months and because of him they got into financial difficulties because of them they are unable to pay our customer $ 3,000.

We offer them our services.

We did a check on who owns the debtor company and found out that he got rich thanks to the Bitcoin currency.

When we approached the debtor company we were immediately given a claim that they were in financial difficulties and we offered them to pay our customer using Bitcoin currency. We agreed with them on a payment arrangement of $ 50,000 in Bitcoin immediately, and the balance of the debt in two equal payments of $ 50,000 every month for two months.

The debtor company made an immediate transfer of $ 50,000 in Bitcoin when the exchange rate was $ 6,000. (Two days later the gate jumped to $ 9,000 and today it is $ 36,000) After a month another $ 50,000 was transferred and in the end another $ 20,000 and closed due to bankruptcy.

Our success was twofold. On the one hand, the accounting firm(our client) received $ 3,000 from its debtor and closed the debt. On the other hand, the cyber company instead of closing down due to financial problems managed to survive and after 3 months external investors invested $ 10 million in them and we had a part in this success.

Idan Snof


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