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Collection from a big airline company in Turkey

2021/06/10 17:14 (GMT)

One of the sector who got the biggest hit from the pandemic crisis is Aviation sector. Since the flights are stopped, their cash flow also stopped. And besides this, constantly escalating currency in Turkey does not help them in any way. They are in the edge of bankruptcy. 

Our file had the same situation. The debtor was an important airline company in Turkey. At first, it was really hard to reach out to a concerned party. Everybody to whom we talked was just stalling us and telling us to call back later or call some other persons. No body actually gave us any information about this debt. However, due to our devoted team and broad resources, we managed to contact the CEO of the company from his personal line. But, we received the same response from him as well. " Please call me later as I am not in the office currently." This went for a while but at the end, our insistence gave its results and we received a response related to the debt. 

After a while of negotiation we managed to recover the money from the debtor company.