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Debt Collection
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How to...avoid business scams in 3 steps?
Since I have started working in debt collection field, I came to the conclusion that foreign clients could have avoided a lot of unrecoverable or irrecoverable debts if only they would have taken some time to study the partner's creditworthiness, before starting collaboration.
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The application of European Order of Payment
The European order for payment procedure applies to civil and commercial matters in cross-border cases, whatever the nature of the court or tribunal. A "cross-border case" is one in which at least one of the parties is domiciled or habitually resident in an EU country other than the country of the court hearing the action. The Regulation applies to all EU countries except Denmark.
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European Order for Payment - general aspects
The Regulation, which applies since 2008, establishes a European procedure for orders for payment. The procedure simplifies, speeds up and reduces the costs of litigation in cross-border cases concerning uncontested pecuniary claims.