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Inteliasia Credit Investigation Services

2021/07/20 19:46 (GMT)

Credit sales are an important component of the business. To mitigate credit risks, best practices taught us that we should know our customers better. International creditors should not worry about this risk since we have credit reporting agencies in the Philippines like Inteliasia Credit Investigation Services that specializes in this field. Inteliasia CIS was established in 2003 by a group of professionals in the specialized field of Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resources Management.

Inteliasia CIS is here to stay and maintains to be a top-notch outsource financial services provider based in Metro Manila, the Philippines servicing worldwide financial centers like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Qingdao, China and the rest of the ASEAN Countries. We also serve the requirements of top corporations based in the Philippines.

Singapore as the premier financial hub of Southeast Asia is on the increasing trend of ordering credit reports from Inteliasia CIS during the last ten years. China is now fast becoming a world leader and increasingly dealing with local Philippine companies. To meet the dictum of knowing your customers better, Inteliasia CIS is ready to provide promptly with reliable information about the local companies in the Philippines. Inteliasia CIS is a relationship-driven, service provider that is committed to delivering the best customer experience for everyone involved.

That is the reason why Inteliasia CIS has joined DCA or Debt Collection Advisor to bridge the gap of seamless international transactions. The credit reports will enable the supplier’s credit executives to have their eyes focused on scrutinizing these Philippine companies and know for themselves whether they are worth the trust of a credit transaction. The credit report will help them deduce informed decisions about their customer’s integrity, capability, and credibility.

Inteliasia CIS is also actively engaged in Collection/ Debt Recovery. We have a 99% recovery rate based on the Collection Agreements that we received. We also offer no collection-no fee. We do have stand-by legal officers who handle legal matters just in case the debtors are hard to comply with their monetary obligation.